Enforcement of Support Obligations

Establishing a child support order is no guarantee that the noncustodial parent (NCP) will pay the support as ordered. NCPs could make partial payments, skip payments or never make a payment. NC Child Support Services identifies these cases and uses several enforcement tools to get payment as ordered.

How are Support Obligations Enforced?

Income withholding by employers is the single most effective method of child support collection. Each pay period the employer deducts a specified amount from the NCP's income for the child support payment. The deducted amount is sent to the NC Child Support Centralized Collections within 7 days of the deduction. Income withholding can also be initiated with entities other than employers when the NCP has other sources of income such as unemployment insurance benefits (UIB), Worker's Compensation, Social Security benefits and veteran's disability benefits. Employers are required to withhold income for child support orders that are enforced by other states in accordance with the laws of the state where the NCP is employed.

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Other enforcement remedies include:

  • Monthly billing to NCPs who are not under income withholding
  • Filing court action against NCPs who have not paid support as ordered

  • Credit bureau reporting of all child support obligations handled by Child Support Services

  • Interception of state and federal tax refunds; or

  • Liens on real or personal property that the NCP owns.

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