Homes Program

The Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) recognizes that homeownership is the single most important investment that many residents make in their lifetime. As such, the BOCC has appropriated funds to provide grants to qualifying residential homeowners to address the rising costs of retaining their residences via the Helping Out Mecklenburg homeowners with Economic Support (HOMES) Program. 

Grant funds will be paid to the Mecklenburg County Tax Collector, who will reduce the total amount of taxes due for qualifying recipients' primary residence. The amount granted will be equal to 25% of the Mecklenburg County tax amount on the last available tax bill, rounded to the nearest dollar, not to exceed $340. 

Tax Status

  • Ad valorem real estate taxes within the most recent consecutive three bills must be either paid in full or have no more than one bill of the three delinquents.
    • Grant funds will first be applied to the current year and any remaining grant amount will be applied to the delinquent prior year bill, if any.
    • In the instance when funds have been prepaid on the current year bill, the original amount of the current year bill is used to calculate the grant amount.
  • Properties with bills that are four or more years delinquent do not qualify.

Income Requirement

  • Household income must not exceed 80% of the area's median income based on number of people in the family. These figures are set annually by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
  • Applicants will be required to indicate the number of persons that live in the household and provide proof of income.

Application Procedures

  • Incomplete applications will not be approved; however, resubmissions may be considered if received before the deadline.

  • Applications and accompanying documents are subject to program audit.

  • Funds will be granted in the order in which the applications were received until funds are exhausted.

  • Any unpaid balance that becomes delinquent will be subject to enforced collection.

  • This program has no effect on the Tax Collector's responsibility to collect taxes owed.

  • Program recipients must apply for consideration annually.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The property must be located within Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

  • The property must be the owner's legal primary residence at the time of application and consistently for the past three consecutive years as verified by recorded legal documents.

  • The resident grant recipient's name(s) must be on the recorded deed or title.

  • When the qualifying person's name is not on the deed but on a recorded life estate, the person may participate in the program.

Program Considerations

  • Applicants must not be participants in any of the following programs:

    • North Carolina Homestead Exclusion.

    • North Carolina Property Tax Homestead Circuit Breaker.

    • North Carolina Disabled Veterans Exclusion.

    • North Carolina Present Use Value (PUV) Program.

  • Must not have any encumbrance attached to or binding upon the property including prior year property taxes, pending legal action, easement disputes, or other such encumbrances.

  • Program recipients must apply for consideration annually.

Apply for a HOMES Grant


Online and printable application options available.


Opciones de solicitud en línea e imprimibles disponibles.

Application Deadline

The HOMES Program application period is currently closed and will re-open in July 2023.


Paper applications must be mailed to:


Department of Community Resources

3205 Freedom Drive, Suite 1000

Charlotte, N.C. 28208

Paper applications can be obtained from:


Department of Community Resources at:

3205 Freedom Drive, Suite 1000

Charlotte, NC 28208


County Assessor's Office located at: 

3205 Freedom Drive, Suite 3000

Charlotte NC 28208

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